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July 14th, 2019
Go Therefore!
(24:44 min.)
Matthew 28:19-20
God's Ultimate Gift Is This Edifying?
What if we were to look forty years in the future? As a church. Are we going? Discipling? Baptizing? Teaching? Clearly, the purpose of church does not give us an "out" if we are smaller than, say, 200 in attendance!

(sermon starts: 5:00)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Daniel 7:9-14
Frank G - commentary
July 7th, 2019
Return and Be Healed
(31:54 min.)
Isaiah 6:10
God's Ultimate Gift Healing is Meant to Say Something!
You see, healing isn't only about fixing up broken bodies, and curing diseases, and stopping seizures, and raising folks from the dead. Healing sends a powerful message that God is still in charge!

(sermon starts: 4:35)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Isaiah 38:1-6
Frank G - commentary
June 30th, 2019
Comfort, O Comfort My People
(29:03 min.)
Isaiah 40:1
God's Ultimate Gift Suffering Has a Purpose!
We may think that suffering in the world is only bad, but it has a purpose; to empower us to help others, to get our attention, to strengthen our faith!

(sermon starts: 4:40)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Isaiah 12
Frank G - commentary
June 23rd, 2019
Consider It All Joy
(32:51 min.)
James 1:2
God's Ultimate Gift It Doesn't Get Easier
You get stronger! Isn't joy the exact opposite of what we would feel when our faith is put to the test? And yet, as our faith is tested, it bulks up, there is more muscle to it, it gets stronger!

(sermon starts: 7:00)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Psalm 33:1-9
Frank G - commentary
June 16th, 2019
My Peace I Give
(33:44 min.)
John 14:27
God's Ultimate Gift The Peace of Jesus!
Peace is the opposite of anger. Both radiate out from your inner core for the world to witness. Both affect the world around you. Only one is a gift of God!

(sermon starts: 11:55)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Job 25
Frank G - commentary
June 9th, 2019
More Than Conquerors
(33:31 min.)
Romans 8:37
God's Ultimate Gift God's Love!
God has provided us with some really huge tools to be used in His Kingdom. Love, as a tool, is a critical attribute which serves to empower our lives in the Kingdom!

(sermon starts: 10:55)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Romans 8:26-30
Joseph K - commentary
June 2nd, 2019
I Can Do All Things
(34:46 min.)
Philippians 4:13
What's God Doing
in Your Life?
God Empowers You!
... to do all things. When you give all that you are, God will empower you to do so much more with so much less!

(sermon starts: 8:05)

Scripture reading: Joseph K - 2 Corinthians 9:6-12
Frank G - commentary
May 26th, 2019
Surpasses All Comprehension
(33:46 min.)
Philippians 4:7
What's God Doing
in Your Life?
Keep Your Life Weed Free!
Hang out with the good plants that God has given you and pull the weeds out of your garden!

(sermon starts: 8:45)

Scripture reading: Delia G - Philippians 3:17-21
Frank G - commentary
May 19th, 2019
Whatever Was Gain
(32:01 min.)
Philippians 3:7
What's God Doing
in Your Life?
Commitment and Integrity
In the final analysis, God wants us to possess integrity in our faith so that we will be ready when Jesus returns!

(sermon starts: 9:20)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Philippians 2:19-30
Frank G - commentary
May 12th, 2019
Work Out Your Salvation
(31:37 min.)
Philippians 2:12
What's God Doing
in Your Life?
God Working Through You
The Gifts that you bring to the Kingdom require effort to make them effective, but more importantly they require trust, attitude and obedience!

(sermon starts: 6:35)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Mark 8:22-25, 9:19
Frank G - commentary
May 5th, 2019
Make My Joy Complete
(38:01 min.)
Philippians 2:2
What's God Doing
in Your Life?
Unity of Spirit and Faith
God provides us with His steadfast Word, His unwavering love. Ours is not a capricious god, but a Rock upon which we can lean!

(sermon starts: 9:50)

Scripture reading: Joseph K - Colossians 3:12-17
Frank G - commentary

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