2019 Sermons

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December 29th, 2019
Wings Like Eagles
(22:27 min.)
Isaiah 40:31
Born Again Born Again
There's a Veggie Tales movie out there that has a song that goes; "Our God is a God of Second Chances" (Jonah). But the apostle Paul asks, "What shall we say, are we to continue in sin so that grace may increase?" His answer, "May it never be!" Our God may be the God of second chances but when we come to faith in Jesus Christ? He sets out a righteous path for us that we're expected to follow.

(sermon starts: 3:55)

Scripture reading: Bill B - 2 Corinthians 4:7-10
December 22nd, 2019
Make Straight a Path
(26:03 min.)
Isaiah 40:3
Advent Nothing Simple About Jesus' Birth!
As you read through the Bible, as you find yourself getting into the birth narrative, what you find are many pieces of God's prophecy coming together. It's almost as if time was warping in on itself in such a way that all these prophetic arcs touch together at the event of the Christ Child's birth.

(sermon starts: 5:10)

Scripture reading: Bill B - Luke 2:8-14
Frank G - commentary
December 15th, 2019
God Will Set Up a Kingdom
(39:32 min.)
Daniel 2:44
Advent I Have. I Will. I Am.
We are encouraged, as Christians, to look forward to a better future, to a better eternity. But remember that in doing so we should not forget the now. Scripture tells us, "Today, if you would hear His voice, do not harden your hearts". We do well to listen and obey this wisdom and guidance.

(sermon starts: 11:40)

Scripture reading: Frank G - Luke 1:31-38
Joseph K - commentary
December 8th, 2019
He Will Bring Forth Justice
(30:15 min.)
Isaiah 42:1
Advent Understanding Our Savior
The images that we cherish of Jesus Christ are not necessarily the correct ones. Let's not fall into the same trap that leadership did when Jesus walked the planet!

(sermon starts: 3:20)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Isaiah 9:6-7
December 1st, 2019
A Shoot Will Spring
(33:48 min.)
Isaiah 11:1
Advent Opportunities for Messaging
The beginning of Advent is all about orienting your heart and your mind towards Jesus Christ. The beginning of Advent is all about getting ready to celebrate the greatest birthday party the world has ever known. The beginning of Advent is all about setting all your trust in God the Father and Jesus the Son. The beginning of Advent is all about messaging!

(sermon starts: 12:50)

Scripture reading: Tresa L - Isaiah 7:14-17
Joseph K - commentary
November 24th, 2019
Shout Joyfully
(18:32 min.)
Luke 4:14-37
Thanksgiving Looking to the Little Things
Thank God even for the small things in our lives. Looking at the witness of Jesus Christ to show us a righteous path with a humble heart.

Thankful to Frank G for taking the pulpit this morning!


November 17th, 2019
Thanks Be to God
(36:09 min.)
Romans 7:25
Thanksgiving Thanks be to God;
for everything in our lives! Thank Him for all those in our lives! Thank Him for our salvation!

Thankful to Joseph K for taking the pulpit this morning!

Scripture reading: Jim L - 1 Corinthians 15:50-57
November 10th, 2019
Seasoned With Salt
(26:40 min.)
Colossians 4:6
Jesus at the Center Jesus is Life Fulfilling
Not only does He represent the ultimate role model for which we ought to strive. The road map that we should be using. But He is with us all through our lives. Guiding and directing. Whispering in our ears through His Holy Spirit. His Helper. And our lives make no sense, in the here and now, and throughout eternity, without Him.

(sermon starts: 6:30)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - 2 Timothy 4:1-5
Frank G - commentary
November 3rd, 2019
Keep Seeking
(30:03 min.)
Colossians 3:1
Jesus is at the Center Jesus as our Foundation
If we know that Jesus Christ is at the center of our lives, then it ought to be much easier to 'walk by the Spirit'. However, we still struggle with temptation, with sin, with practical idolatry. Why is that, do you suppose? Is it possibly because we have stopped seeking Him in our lives?

(sermon starts: 5:25)

Scripture reading: Don M - Matthew 16:17-25
Frank G - commentary
October 27th, 2019
Walk in Him
(29:37 min.)
Colossians 2:6
Jesus is at the Center Jesus as our Corrective
Jesus Christ is at the center of everything. Knowing this, we need to conduct our lives like He is right there with us all the time (hint: He is!) Maybe we need a daily reminder of His presence, sort of like the wrist bracelets we used to see, WWJD. Maybe we need a daily meditation, to keep us focused on Him. What we certainly need is to abide in Him, and He will abide in us (John 15:4).

(sermon starts: 4:10)

Scripture reading: Tresa L - 2 Thessalonians 3:7-15
Frank G - commentary
October 13th, 2019
May Be Gracious
(29:59 min.)
2 Samual 12:22
Real Church Faith Healing
There's a song title out there that goes along the lines; "You Can't Always Get What You Want". But we should trust in God whether He gives us what we want, or not. Because what God gives us? Is for the good, either our good or the good of His kingdom.

(sermon starts: 6:00)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Matthew 7:15-23
Frank G - commentary
October 6th, 2019
No More Room
(33:49 min.)
Mark 2:2
Real Church Keep the Sabbath Holy!
Remember the hula hoop and the yoyo? Very big deals at the time, not so much anymore. Given this line of thinking, what about Jesus? Are we forced to say, very big deal at the time but not so much anymore? Why is that, do you suppose? And once we realize where this takes us, what do we do about it?

(sermon starts: 8:50)

Scripture reading: Ann T - Matthew 7:1-14
Frank G - commentary
September 29th, 2019
No Fear in Love
(40:09 min.)
1 John 4:18
Real Church Love Without Boundaries
One of our biggest perils is the door that leads out of church. Front or back, your choice. This because, in our minds, we make a distinction between our existence within the four walls of the church and our life outside the church. And this can lead to distancing ourselves from God. Not an optimal choice.

(sermon starts: 14:55)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Matthew 6:19-25
Joseph K - commentary
September 22nd, 2019
Entertained Angels
(29:30 min.)
Hebrews 13:2
Real Church Compassion in Action
We typically support those who we know and love, and distance ourselves from those with whom we are unfamiliar. This tends to be human nature being that the unknown may hold peril for us (after all, don't we teach our kids, "Stranger Danger"?). And yet, God demands that we do otherwise, holding the stranger in good regard with love and respect.

(sermon starts: 5:20)

Scripture reading: Tresa L - Matthew 6:5-15
September 15th, 2019
Serving the Saints
(37:01 min.)
Romans 15:25
Real Church Following Through on Promises Made
One of the critical conditions of real church is faith that works itself out in the world. And we begin by supporting our brothers and sisters in Christ. This includes support for our missionaries and evangelists, but also for believers in need.

Administrative Note:
Due to new equipment the recording quality is not optimal. We will get it worked out eventually! Thanx for being patient!

(sermon starts: 5:20)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Matthew 6:1-4
Frank G - commentary
September 8th, 2019
Is Your Faith Dead?
(32:51 min.)
James 2:17
Real Church Three Conditions
There are three critical conditions that make a successful church. Without them the church tends to fail.

(sermon starts: 6:25)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Matthew 5:43-48
Frank G - commentary
September 1st, 2019
Pray for Me!
(33:41 min.)
Acts 8:24
Don't Ride the Fence! It's the Small Things of Faith!
It doesn't matter what ministry we have in the Kingdom if our hearts are not in the right place!

(sermon starts: 6:30)

Scripture reading: Ann T - 1 Corinthians 1:10-18
Frank G - commentary
August 25th, 2019
Remember Me
(31:11 min.)
Luke 23:42
Don't Ride the Fence! Practice Moment to Moment Faith!
Our moment to moment decisions and actions can have eternal consequences. They may take us irretrievably to where we don't want to go, had we thought things through a little more carefully!

(sermon starts: 7:30)

Scripture reading: Don M - Luke 6:41-49
Frank G - commentary
August 18th, 2019
He Was Unable
(32:11 min.)
Luke 1:22
Don't Ride the Fence! Trust in God
We have a tendency to camp out in distrust, in disbelief. And mostly? This is a good survival instinct. But distrusting God? Disbelieving Him? Is probably not a good idea. Can I get an "Amen"?

(sermon starts: 5:20)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Mark 8:13-21
Frank G - commentary
August 11th, 2019
In Your Name
(39:02 min.)
Matthew 7:22
Don't Ride the Fence! Three Parables About Failing God
It's tough to love God with everything you are if you start your day being busy, end your day being busy, and everything in between is a busy existence. It's tough to love your neighbor as yourself when you don't treat yourself, your own soul, with the love and respect that it requires!

(sermon starts: 12:20)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Mark 7:5-13
Joseph K - commentary
August 4th, 2019
Come, Follow Me
(30:23 min.)
Matthew 19:21
Don't Ride the Fence! It's the Little Things that Count!
There are things in our lives that we may be unwilling to give up! Jesus tells us to give up that which will get in between us and God. This is consistency in action!

(sermon starts: 4:10)

Scripture reading: Carol B - Mark 6:1-6
Frank G - commentary
July 28th, 2019
Kept Back
(34:30 min.)
Acts 5:2
Don't Ride the Fence! Partial Faith Paralysis

God wants full custody, not week-end visitations!

(sermon starts: 5:25)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - John 20:24-31
Frank G - commentary
July 21st, 2019
Ascribe to the Lord!
(38:05 min.)
Psalm 29
God's Ultimate Gift Jehovah Jireh
Ascribing to God for what He has done in our lives! God gives us strength for all our situations!
Joseph K brings us a message.

(sermon starts: 4:00)

Scripture reading: Tresa L - Psalm 96:1-8
Frank G - commentary
July 14th, 2019
Go Therefore!
(24:44 min.)
Matthew 28:19-20
God's Ultimate Gift Is This Edifying?
What if we were to look forty years in the future? As a church. Are we going? Discipling? Baptizing? Teaching? Clearly, the purpose of church does not give us an "out" if we are smaller than, say, 200 in attendance!

(sermon starts: 5:00)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Daniel 7:9-14
Frank G - commentary
July 7th, 2019
Return and Be Healed
(31:54 min.)
Isaiah 6:10
God's Ultimate Gift Healing is Meant to Say Something!
You see, healing isn't only about fixing up broken bodies, and curing diseases, and stopping seizures, and raising folks from the dead. Healing sends a powerful message that God is still in charge!

(sermon starts: 4:35)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Isaiah 38:1-6
Frank G - commentary
June 30th, 2019
Comfort, O Comfort My People
(29:03 min.)
Isaiah 40:1
God's Ultimate Gift Suffering Has a Purpose!
We may think that suffering in the world is only bad, but it has a purpose; to empower us to help others, to get our attention, to strengthen our faith!

(sermon starts: 4:40)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Isaiah 12
Frank G - commentary
June 23rd, 2019
Consider It All Joy
(32:51 min.)
James 1:2
God's Ultimate Gift It Doesn't Get Easier
You get stronger! Isn't joy the exact opposite of what we would feel when our faith is put to the test? And yet, as our faith is tested, it bulks up, there is more muscle to it, it gets stronger!

(sermon starts: 7:00)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Psalm 33:1-9
Frank G - commentary
June 16th, 2019
My Peace I Give
(33:44 min.)
John 14:27
God's Ultimate Gift The Peace of Jesus!
Peace is the opposite of anger. Both radiate out from your inner core for the world to witness. Both affect the world around you. Only one is a gift of God!

(sermon starts: 11:55)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Job 25
Frank G - commentary
June 9th, 2019
More Than Conquerors
(33:31 min.)
Romans 8:37
God's Ultimate Gift God's Love!
God has provided us with some really huge tools to be used in His Kingdom. Love, as a tool, is a critical attribute which serves to empower our lives in the Kingdom!

(sermon starts: 10:55)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Romans 8:26-30
Joseph K - commentary
June 2nd, 2019
I Can Do All Things
(34:46 min.)
Philippians 4:13
What's God Doing
in Your Life?
God Empowers You!
... to do all things. When you give all that you are, God will empower you to do so much more with so much less!

(sermon starts: 8:05)

Scripture reading: Joseph K - 2 Corinthians 9:6-12
Frank G - commentary
May 26th, 2019
Surpasses All Comprehension
(33:46 min.)
Philippians 4:7
What's God Doing
in Your Life?
Keep Your Life Weed Free!
Hang out with the good plants that God has given you and pull the weeds out of your garden!

(sermon starts: 8:45)

Scripture reading: Delia G - Philippians 3:17-21
Frank G - commentary
May 19th, 2019
Whatever Was Gain
(32:01 min.)
Philippians 3:7
What's God Doing
in Your Life?
Commitment and Integrity
In the final analysis, God wants us to possess integrity in our faith so that we will be ready when Jesus returns!

(sermon starts: 9:20)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Philippians 2:19-30
Frank G - commentary
May 12th, 2019
Work Out Your Salvation
(31:37 min.)
Philippians 2:12
What's God Doing
in Your Life?
God Working Through You
The Gifts that you bring to the Kingdom require effort to make them effective, but more importantly they require trust, attitude and obedience!

(sermon starts: 6:35)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Mark 8:22-25, 9:19
Frank G - commentary
May 5th, 2019
Make My Joy Complete
(38:01 min.)
Philippians 2:2
What's God Doing
in Your Life?
Unity of Spirit and Faith
God provides us with His steadfast Word, His unwavering love. Ours is not a capricious god, but a Rock upon which we can lean!

(sermon starts: 9:50)

Scripture reading: Joseph K - Colossians 3:12-17
Frank G - commentary
April 28th, 2019
To Live Is Christ
(32:46 min.)
Philippians 1:21
What's God Doing
in Your Life?
Fear Factor
We don't have to be afraid when God calls us into service in the Kingdom! He has our backs!

(sermon starts: 5:35)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Philippians 1:1-7
Frank G - commentary
April 21st, 2019
He Is Risen
(30:53 min.)
Mark 16:6
Resurrection Sunday Tales of the Cross
When you take a twelve foot cross and shoulder it around town, it creates quite a stir.

(sermon starts: 4:35)

Scripture reading: Barron R - John 20:1-9
April 14th, 2019
Do Not Judge
(25:47 min.)
Matthew 7:1
Activate Your Faith! Avoid Harming Another!
Look deeply into your own personal mirror before you undertake reproving your brother/sister in Christ.

(sermon starts: 5:00)

Scripture reading: Jim L - Romans 14:1-10
April 7th, 2019
To Be Noticed
(29:12 min.)
Matthew 6:1
Activate Your Faith! An Attitude of Humility
Our faith, our trust, in Jesus Christ has to come from an attitude of humbleness, letting Him be more important than we ourselves are. Which is also a reflection of how we treat one another.

(sermon starts: 4:45)

Scripture reading: Frank G - Matthew 23:1-12
March 31st, 2019
Be Anxious for Nothing
(31:23 min.)
Matthew 6:25
Activate Your Faith! Deflected By Things
If you walk away with nothing else but this teaching, I will have hit a home run with the sermon, "This man's money, his possessions, got in the way of his unconditional faith in Jesus Christ!"

(sermon starts: 4:50)

Scripture reading: Frank G - Matthew 19:16-26
March 24th, 2019
Be Reconciled
(30:17 min.)
Matthew 5:24
Activate Your Faith! Love Your Enemies!
This is a tough sell. But notice that even though Jesus tells us to love your enemy, bless the hater, He did not demand that we stay and remain a punching bag to the abuser.

(sermon starts: 6:25)

Scripture reading: Frank G - Philippians 2:1-8
March 17th, 2019
Light of the World
(27:02 min.)
Matthew 5:14
Activate Your Faith! Called to be the Light
We are called to a higher standard, we are called to be the light of the world for Jesus!

(sermon starts: 4:30)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Matthew 8:5-13
March 10th, 2019
Good Fruit
(31:31 min.)
Luke 6:43
Activate Your Faith! Obedient to Jesus
Our challenge is to listen to what God tells us, and to obey!

(sermon starts: 6:25)

Scripture reading: Tresa L - Luke 6:27-37
March 3rd, 2019
Born Again
(27:22 min.)
John 3:3
Activate Your Faith! The Role Models in Life
Sometimes when you read the story you just want to shout across the ages, "Nicodemus!  Dude!  Get a clue!"

(sermon starts: 6:30)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - John 9:30-34
February 24th, 2019
The Narrow Door
(30:05 min.)
Luke 13:24
Activate Your Faith! Eternity is Binary
You either have faith in Jesus Christ, or you don't. There is no riding the fence on this. Because the fence belongs to the deceiver!

(sermon starts: 3:35)

Scripture reading: Tresa L - 1 Corinthians 9:22-27
February 17th, 2019
No Depth of Soil
(27:26 min.)
Matthew 13:5
The Many Blessings
of Small Church
Bringing Forth and Bearing Fruit
Having come to faith in Jesus Christ, having received the blessings of eternal life, Jesus now has a job for us!

(sermon starts: 7:25)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Matthew 25:14-30
February 10th, 2019
Speak or Teach
(35:15 min.)
Acts 4:18
The Many Blessings
of Small Church
Intimidation from the World
When we continue to listen to the restrictions that the world puts on our gospel message, we can fall into avoidance and never realize we've gone there.

(sermon starts: 6:25)

Scripture reading: Acts 3:1-10
February 3rd, 2019
Cause an Increase
(33:19 min.)
1 Thessalonians 3:12
The Many Blessings
of Small Church
Personal Growth
When it comes to the things of faith, God doesn't recommend that we wait for trials and tribulations to come along before we think about personal growth in our faith!

(sermon starts: 4:35)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Isaiah 44:1-6
January 27th, 2019
Explained the Way
(32:33 min.)
Acts 18:26
The Many Blessings
of Small Church
The Real Church Is ...
The church happens, not within the confines of the four walls where the pastor preaches, but out there where God's people meet the world. Kids, a building is not a substitute for being church!

(sermon starts: 5:45)

Scripture reading: Tammy B - Acts 18:7-11
January 20th, 2019
An Ambassador in Chains
(33:25 min.)
Ephesians 6:20
The Many Blessings
of Small Church
Trinity Bible Presbyterian
Pastor Justin Hoge was forced to step away from his church in an effort to silence his testimony, the reality is that God's Holy Spirit has been at work throughout the whole situation.

(sermon starts: 5:05)

Scripture reading: Romans 5:1-6
January 13th, 2019
Devoted to Prayer
(26:50 min.)
Romans 12:12
The Many Blessings
of Small Church
Advantages of Being Small
If we are part of them, and they are part of us, then wouldn't we treat them as we would want to be treated?

(sermon starts: 5:05)

Scripture reading: Tresa L - Acts 2:42-47
January 6th, 2019
Assembling Together
(29:08 min.)
Hebrews 10:25
The Many Blessings
of Small Church
Our Broken Idea of Success
Church, when practiced correctly, means that each of us has a stake in the process, each of us gives something into the process.

(sermon starts: 3:55)

Scripture reading: Albert L - Acts 2:37-42

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